Thursday, July 28, 2011

Today's the Day!!!

In February 2009, I started my blog, named it "Journey into Artistry," with my First Post and looked forward to eventually starting my own card business. Life has a funny way of twisting and turning. Since that first post, a lot has happened. I have grown as an artist. I have been published in the leading stamp magazines 17 times. I have gotten to know a number of the elite artists in this craft. They have openly, and warmly shared of themselves with me.

I have also had two knees replaced! Glad that's behind me. As I prepared to return to work following my second surgery, I learned that my "day job" was gone. Losing one's job is never a happy occasion, however, I quickly realized this was my opportunity to finally do what I am passionate about, provide a service to others and enjoy myself in the process.

And so the journey continues. I announced my intentions on Facebook this morning and look forward to working with my future clients in providing them with custom, quality, and reasonably priced cards, announcements, invitations, tags, etc. Wish me luck! Yvonne

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