Saturday, February 21, 2009

My First Post!

Welcome to my blog!

About 13 years ago, I was invited to a rubber stamp party and fell in love with the concept. Years before, I had a small craft stand at a local market, and as part of my inventory, I made Valentine and Easter Cards. (I'll post them when I find them.) They were made out of construction paper, vintage-reproduced postcards and sewing notions I had on hand.

Fast forward twenty-five years to a plethora of gorgeous card stock options, thousands of rubber and clear stamps, inks in every color of the rainbow and fibers and embellishments that continue to evolve and multiply. The sky is the limit with what is available to card makers. How fortunate I am!

Shortly after marrying my husband, Jack, I decided to take the plunge make all my cards from that point forward. Jack is my biggest supporter!

Once in a while I find an occasion that is challenge, but I push through it determined not to go out and buy a card.

In 2008, I pushed myself again and, after faithfully savoring every stamp magazine I could put my hands on, I took the plunge and submitted my first cards to a Take Ten magazine challenge. I cannot tell you how elated I was when I opened the mail drop and found a complimentary copy of the magazine staring at me. I was hooked! I was published three more times in 2008 and have been published once, so far, in 2009.

My next goal in pursuing this "Journey of Artistry" is to document the birth of launching my website. My dream is to be able to design and create cards, tags, invitations, and announcements for those who are looking for something a little more unique and personal.

I have the privilege of having a dear son-in-law who is a gifted graphic design artist, in addition to being a wonderful husband to my oldest daughter and a fabulous, stay-at-home daddy, to my two precious grandchildren and a daughter with a degree in marketing who are helping me with my website.

I hope you will check back often as I take this journey into this new world and share my hopes, fears, and joys. ~Until next time ~